Social Bites

We are in the cupcake business. And we mean business.


The Story of How Social Bites Came to Be

Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Heather Bailey. Heather was a happy girl, but her aunt's cousin's roommate in college, Wingoria, didn't like that. So, Wingoria locked Heather in a castle tower and forced her to cook all of the food. Well, years later Heather was rescued by a unicorn and they fled to a town where the evil Wingoria would never find her... Ruston. Heather had to make a living some way, but she didn't know what to do. But one day she thought to herself: "I love cooking. Why don't I bake magical treats to bring joy to people?" So, in 2008, Heather opened Social Bites to bring goodness to the people of Ruston and the surrounding villages. And to this day, she is still in Ruston making dreams come true with sweets, fairies, and a whole lot of sprinkles.

The end.

None of this is true except that Heather loves to bring joy to people with sweet treats and she opened up Social Bites in Ruston in 2008.